a blog? for me?


Ahoy Amigo has a blog?! Oh the insanity that will go down now!! 

2015 has a list longer than Tangled's hair of goals | dreams | and ideas.  

Acceptance is my number one goal for 2015.  Acceptance that I am not a superhero | I do have magic kisses that heal boo-boo's but only if you're five and under.  Acceptance that the elusive balance is just that  | elusive.  Acceptance that I won't be a mermaid | it's just too hard when you don't live near the ocean.

While 2015 is all about acceptance, it's also all about crushing my goals.  My goals of more family time | more laughter | more fun | more vacations 

One of the main goals is more interaction with YOU! You are who makes Ahoy Amigo a success.  I plan to use this space as a place to interact with you, give you sneak peeks, fun freebies, rad tutorials and more.  

So in honor of my number one goal:

        2015, I ACCEPT your challenge.