Kids will be kids

2015 started off with color.  Cowboys in blue and parades in purple.  Not to mention all the heart eyes! Now were back to the basics.  White, and gray and  a little bit of blue thrown in for good measure (because John Wayne doesn't like to be left out).

"Kids will be Kids" features tees that proudly showcase what your child is thinking, or if they are anything like my five year old, what they constantly say on repeat.

Throughout the summer, new styles will be dropped, inlcuding tank tops and dresses, rompers and shorts too! I'm not one for creating a giant "drop" twice a year.  I've worked enough retail to know that major children's labels also don't "drop" twice a year either.  Small drops within each season are the norm for most stores, and will be for Ahoy Amigo too.  So keep your eyes out for more drops throughout the year.