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Let your kids be the designer

September 14, 2018


One of the things I treasure most in life is the creativity of kids. I try with every design I create, to capture that bit of innocence of childhood.  But there's just nothing that compares to the creativity of an actual child.

I'd like to introduce a concept that I've been working on for a while now, a KIDS tee shirt design contest.

Every few months we will hold this contest and pick a new winner. That winners design will be created into a tee shirt available for purchase. Proceeds from that tee will then be donated to a charity (a different one each time we hold the contest).  Our first charity up is called Children's Caring Cancer Center

At Children's Caring Cancer Center, children are given the best care while undergoing treatment for cancer.  This center is special to us because one of our amazing reps, Tabatha Ruiz-Bernal, has a little sister being treated here!

 Find out more information about the center here.

Melodie Ruiz, our amazing Rep Tabatha's little sister attending a center event

Melodie Ruiz, our amazing rep Tabatha's little sister, attending a center event.

Contest Details:

1. Drawing must be done by a child
2. Drawing must be in black and white only (for screen printing purposes)
3. No profanity, inappropriate entries will not be tolerated
4. Submit your drawing via email: SUBJECT: tee shirt contest
5. Please submit your childs drawing with their name and age included
6. Entries must be submitted between now and September 30, 2018
7. Have fun! Let your child be creative! Drawings can be ANYTHING!!

Winner will receive a free tee of their design! 


The top ten entries will be voted on by YOU starting October 8th via social media (Facebook and Instagram).  The winner will be announced on October 12th.  The tee will be available for purchase starting Oct. 12th with all proceeds (less the cost of the tee) going directly to the charity!! 

Happy creating!!

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